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Application and Feature:
It can achieve the two-sided four times coating at the same time. Especially adopt SIEMENS PLC control system with the features of high efficiency of production, low energy consumption, stable performance of equipment, low consumption of base paper, and high yield.

The width of roller surface: 1400-3400mm
Max width of paper: 1300-3200mm
The weight of base paper: 50~250g/m2
Design speed: 300-600m/min
Working speed: 200~550m/min
Coating method: single roller feeding +scraper coating
Quantity of coating device: four sets
Coating weight: 10~15g/m2
Coating weight: 8~12g/m2
Coating solid contain: 60-65%
Starting speed: 15m/minute
Drying method: hot air circulating + drying tank finishing
Humidity of base paper: 5-6%
Humidity of finished paper: 5-6%
Heat medium: saturated steam, steam pressure required: 1MPa=10KG/sq cm
Transmission mode: VVVF motor drive


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