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Correct storing of thermal paper

1. Avoid hot and humid environment

  • For long-term storage, store thermal paper in the dark at an average ambient temperature of less than 25ˇăC and a relative humidity of less than 65%.
  • thermal paper begins to develop color at between 60ˇăC to 100ˇăC and reaches applicable density at between 70ˇăC to 120ˇăC. The paper, however, displays similar signs of development under high temperature or high humidity conditions. If the paper is used continuously at temperatures of 40ˇăC or above for more than 24 hours, attention should be paid to the ambient temperature and humidity.

    2. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight

  • The paper will yellow if exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods. The printed image also tends to fade in direct sunlight.
  • The image tends to fade when left exposed to conventional fluorescent light for prolonged periods of time. Therefore printed paper should be filed soon after printing.

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